Company profile

Company Profile


Taiyo Kikai Co., Ltd. is the sub-company of Taiyo Kikai China, Taiyo company mainly focus on label printing press, packaging printing press and business form printing press. Since it was founded in 1994, we devoted all the company works to creative the harmony of machine and human, various of products has been released in China market under the consideration of local situation at the use of western and Japan new technology.

In 1995, the first printing press (BS-III) was manufactured in Shanghai plant; in 1998, TOF series business form printing press delivered to the client; in 2003, Taiyo TLC-250 series letterpress went into the market; STF-340 series Flexo press officially launched China domestic market in 2012.

Taiyo has developed almost 100 series of printing press, we devoted into new technology, and our products have been sold all over the world, Taiyo maintains the service channels globally. The longtime stable running and good reputation is the basement for Taiyo sales. While the rapid development of the printing technology, we sincerely hope could make forward with all clients.

History of Company
  • 2017
    Released TRP ink jet printing machine
  • 2016
    STF-680 Flexo printing machine released to the market
  • 2013
    TKD-2P express printing machine came to market
  • 2012
    Released STF-340 Flexo printing machine in China mainland
  • 2008
    Released TLM-330 label printing machine in China mainland
    China branch move to Shanghai Xinzhuan industry park
  • 2004
    Released TLS-250 (Compacted) Letterpress machine
  • 2003
    Released TLC-250 Letterpress machine in China mainland
  • 2001
    Released TRCH、SNF、CSR series form printing machine in China mainland
  • 1995
    Founded a joint company Shanghai Xinmin Taiyo Kikai Co., Ltd.
  • 1991
    Completed 3rd stage of additional for Yamagata plant.
  • 1989
    Built TS center (service center) in Tokyo.
  • 1984
    Built new plant in Yamagata.
  • 1975
    Built new plant at 1-17-22, Omori-Nishi, Ota-Ku, Tokyo
  • 1970
    Opened Osaka office, located in 1-11-12, Omiya, Asahi-Ku, Osaka city.
  • 1967
    May 1967 Built new office at 4-3-5, Omori-Nishi, Ota-Ku, Tokyo.
  • 1965
    First overseas sales completed, sold to a Japan company Taipei branch.
  • 1964
    Approach to 20 employees, started to manufacture other type of form printing press.
  • 1961
    Compay was founded by three co-founder in Tokyo, Japan. Company manufactures and sales form printing machine.
Chairman Statement:

Taiyo Kikai LTD has developed a lot of printing presses with customers and established our brand as the maker of the business form printing press and the label printing press since we started business in 1961.

While the printing industry changes, we always have coped with special difficult needs aggressively and accepted the trust from customers.

We could gain the success thanks to the instruction and support from the customers and the business partners. We greatly thank you.

Our company established Shanghai Taiyo Kikai Ltd. in 1995 as the overseas position besides Yamagata plant which is main within Japan.

By the remarkable development of IT/digital technique, all information are transmitted instantly all over the world. But, while we keep the machine development idea which means the harmony between human and machine in mind, we make the products over thinking about the environment and safety. And, we aim to become the company which keeps trying to do the business regarding printing and information transmission and contribute to the international society.

We wish to aim to be the reliable business partner with customers toward epoch.